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"GIVERNY" By E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler at the Hole Gallery

A collaboration between artists E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler at the Hole Gallery.

When in Bloom did the garden styling in a mix of real and artificial to capture the essence of the project. A description from the Hole Gallery:

" has generously funded this massive exhibition, for the duration of which the Hole will be transformed into a living, breathing garden—with a lily-padded pond traversed by Monet’s signature green Japanese arched bridge, and scattered with the indigenous plants he is famous for painting. The walls of the exhibition will be printed with the almost claustrophobically green willow trees that surround this historic French site, and your first step into the gallery will be onto grass.

In 2010, E.V. Day was awarded the Munn Artists Residency by the Versailles Foundation, to live on Monet’s famous estate in Giverny, and to be inspired by the gardens. She invited artist Kembra Pfahler to come to Giverny in August—the most fecund, riotous month—to achieve a collaborative project that blends Kembra’s signature performance attire with the lush verdure of the natural setting and E.V.’s signature refracted photography."

"GIVERNY" By E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler at the Hole Gallery